Nova - Nova Ultra Underpad 36x72 White WITH FLAPS

The Reusable Under pad keeps surfaces clean, comfortable, and convenient.

Quantity: 5
Unit price: $38.99 / Inch
  • KEEP YOUR MATTRESS DRY AND SKIN PROTECTED with the best in under pads with mattress tuck-in flaps. Nova's premium quality fabric innovation is so soft and comfortable on the skin while keeping your mattress dry, clean and protected. The tuck-in flaps secure pad in place on your mattress.
  • 100% COTTON TOP LAYER is the softest on your skin making it more comfortable to rest and sleep.
  • HIGH ABSORBENCY & WATERPROOF. Below the 100% Cotton Top layer is the middle soaker layer with a high absorbency polyester/rayon blend. The bottom layer is a durable vinyl waterproof, no-leak barrier.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE UP TO 300 TIMES. High quality and durable construction make this under pad overlay long lasting with up to 300 washes.
  • MACHINE WASH & DRY in normal settings.
  • FLAP LENGTH:17.5”W X 32”L
Each Height (inches): 4.5
Each Width (inches): 10
Overall Dimensions (inches): 36"L x 72"W
Overall Weight (lbs): 3.2
Material Bottom Cover: vinyl
Material Top Cover: cotton/polyester/rayon blend
Retail Packaged: Yes
UPC Each: 652308134866
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