Nova - Nova QT Folding Canes

QT Canes (folding canes with a Mini Quad Cane Tip) give you the best of both worlds - the convenience of a folding cane and the stability of the Mini Quad Cane Tip. Best of all, their compact size makes them ideal for travel.

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  • FOLDABLE TRAVEL, STORE & CARRY WALKING CANE folds and unfolds easily so you can make your cane compact and store in a purse, bag or small compartment. COMES IN 12 STYLES FOR WOMEN AND MEN.
  • COMPACT ALL-TERRAIN CANE TIP makes your cane All-Terrain with a small quad tip base that gives you cane more traction - giving the user more stability, support and balance. The compact quad tip also has the ideal flex to give you traction and support while getting up and down from a seat.
  • BEAUTIFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE folding walking cane has a durable plastic hand grip molded handle design that provides optimal support and comfort for the hand and wrist. Easily adjusts with a push button. ANTI-RATTLE LOCK sets the adjustment and prevents cane rattle.
  • DURABLE & CHIP RESISTANT cane is made of high quality aluminum, beautiful chip and fade resistant finish and long-lasting slip resistant rubber tip.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Handle Adjusts from 29.5” - 36.5” for approximate user height: 4’11” - 6’1”. Weighs only 1 pound with a 300 lb weight capacity. Dimensions folded: 5.5”W x 1.5”D x 12”H
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