Nova - Nova Male Urinal

We love our urinals because they're durable, easy to clean and user-friendly. We've updated the design of our Male Urinal to include an open handle, and an improved, spill-resistant lid

Article number: NOV-8105M-R
Quantity: 5
Unit price: $12.99 /


  • Contoured design ensures a complete and secure seal during use
  • Spill resistant designed with cover to prevent odor
  • Grip handle allows for use in multiple positions for bedridden users as well as use in vehicle
  • Durable shatter resistant plastic design is easy to empty and clean
  • Provides visual measurements of contents incc's 1000 ml capacity (1 quart)
Overall Height (inches): 9.50
Overall Width (inches): 5
Overall Weight (lbs): .5
Overall Depth (inches): 5.00
Latex free: YES
Bucket volume : 32oz
Diameter (inches): 2
Retail Packaged: Yes
UPC Each: 652308810500
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