Nova - Nova Commode Bucket Liners (Liners Only)

We love our Commode Bucket Liners because they make life easier. They eliminate any mess, odor or spills and provide convenience and safety for both user and caregiver.

Article number: 652308013192
Quantity: 16
Unit price: $24.99 / Inch


  • Medical grade liner with super absorbent pad that quickly transitions body fluids into a gel
  • Eliminates any mess, odor or spills
  • Provides convenience & safety for both user and caregiver
  • Convenient drawstring closure for easier cleanup
  • Pad absorbs 17 oz. of body fluids
  • 20 bucket liners per box (comes retail packaged)
  • Pad dimensions: 9.25" l x 5"w
  • Liner dimensions: 20.5"l x 15"w
Each Height(inches): 4.5
Each Width(inches): 4.5
Overall Height(inches): 1.65
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