Nova - Nova 32 Inch Folding Reacher

The 32 inch Folding Reacher has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its jaw that rotates 360 degrees and patented trigger that multiplies gripping strength.

Quantity: 5
Unit price: $15.99 /


  • EASILY PICK UP AND LOCK GRIP dropped or hard to reach items with a suction grip grabber that has a lock feature to secure grip the suction grabber ... making it much easier to pick up items without straining your hands.
  • FOLDING FEATURE allows you to fold the reacher to store and carry in a purse, bag, walker basket or drawer. Simply engage the round blue button to fold.
  • DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN WITH EASY GRIP HANDLE is easy to use and reduces the impact on your hands, wrist and arm.
  • EXTRA LONG 32” reacher allows you to get to hard to reach places and reduces the strain to bend.
Each Height (inches): 5
Each Width (inches): 5.25
Overall Dimensions (inches): 32" L
Overall Weight (lbs): .45
Retail Packaged: Yes
UPC Each: 652308932004
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