Nova - Nova Gait Belt 72" Stripes

We love out Gait Belts Because they assist and also keep safe the Care Givers who give their body, heart and soul to help others.

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  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE TRANSFER AID for a caregiver or healthcare professional to help safely and easily support patients and loved ones with walking, standing up and sitting down, and transfer from one place to another. Proper use of this gait and transfer belt can prevent caregiver/healthcare professional injuries and patient falls.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - LOCKING METAL TEETH BUCKEL securely sets and grips the belt so there is no slipping or loosening. Once the gait belt is ready to adjust or remove, it is easy to release the metal buckle for size adjustment (from less than an inch to several inches) and to get on and off.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE AND STYLE. The gait belt is 2” wide and comes in 52” and 72” lengths. Style options are Navy Blue and Light Beige with Pastel Stripes.
  • DURABLE, LONG LASTING & WASHABLE. The gait belt is made is super durable and comfortable cotton. Machine washable.
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