+MD - +MD Diabetic Socks Crew

Seamless Comfort Diabetic Crew Socks

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+MD Diabetic Socks are scientifically designed and knitted with a  non-constricting fit, stretching between 8 to 20 % further than other  diabetic brands. Due to our proprietary knitting capabilities +MD  diabetic Socks allow for free circulation without slouching or falling  down.

+MD Diabetic Socks are additionally treated to help keep your feet  fresh, dry and comfortable.  These moisture-wicking properties and  anti-bacterial treatment help reduce odors and discomfort.

+MD diabetic Socks feature special Comfort-Smooth yarn, Cushion soles  and Comfort-Seam  construction.  This low-friction design reduces the  chance of blisters and abrasions which can cause more serious foot  problems.

Fabric content: 92% Polyester, 7% Nylon, 1% Spandex Made in Taiwan


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